I really like your topic and how you go into detail. I also like the video that you use and how you connect everything together. great comparison of big cities to Iowa and the different things in Iowa.


I really like how you went into debt about the apps that you use. the way that you gave a good background of each app you use. also, I think you should have gave each app their own little brief description of what you like about each app. overall, this blog kept me attentive and paying attention.


I really like how you show your ten things from ten down to one. in my opinion, you could’ve gave more insight on the ten things or why you like these things in debt.Overall, it was a good blog post.


I like how you put this blog post together and everything that went into this post. the pictures were interesting and the blog was very well put together. I like that you put a hyperlink in the blog and talk about what the article is about. great job overall and keep up the good work


I like how you put everything together and can tell that you really like twitter and know how to use it. your pictures are very unique and cool.  I also have similar favorite places.


I like how you picked something that is an world wide issue. I also like how you showed evidence of what the clowns said. the pictures and hyperlinks were very interesting and kept me entertained and into the blog post. Great Job


Post 8-Advice


the concept of blogging and writing can have your head spinning in a million different ways at the same time. This is the way I felt when I first started. As time moved on, it began to get easier and easier to type and what I felt like would be a good blog. If I had three tips or things to give advice about, this is what it would be.

images1.type how you feel: don’t be afraid to type how you feel, its how you feel and its your opinion on what the topic is. At the beginning, my thought and opinion couldn’t come out how I wanted it to. But as time went on, I began to blog how I thought I should.  Doctor Billman wont be upset for how you feel and how you voice your opinion. just because you say something and it may not be in agreement with someone else doesn’t mean that you don’t have an opinion either.

2.Be patient: blogging with get better and better as time get goes on. Doctor Billman will work with you and he understands that some students are new to the blog world. If you don’t get something right away, he will help you get caught up and how to do what you were confused on doing.

3. Have fun while you do it: your blog will need some sort of visual or humorous visual, including a hyperlink, video, or picture. There must be three visuals, the more the merrier. don’t be afraid to put a video or picture that will catch your bloggers attention. being able to voice your opinion is a good thing and be happy with what you have.

there is my opinion and advice on blogging and how to blog. My classmates all had great post and their own unique opinions that opened my eyes and view of points!!! Have fun and good to you guys!!!


Is it a way to workout at home?

Sworkit is an app that I added to the many that I added to my phone. I have used this app for a couple weeks now, but recently I started using it more frequently. This app is an app that helps you work out at home. It has many exercises and many different categories to choose from. It gives an example and video of how to do the exercise at home. Each category has a precise number of exercises and a choice of how long the person wants to do the exercise for. Also, it has a profile to show how long someone does a workout. It shows the total calories burned, total workout sessions, total time working out, and the average duration of the workout. lastly, it has a category for each of the body part. it has a section for strengthening the body, yoga, cardio, and stretching. it has a number of exercise for strengthening the body and each body part, it has yoga to gain balance and gain blood flow in the body, it has stretching to help loosen up muscles, and cardio is to help gain stamina for the body.

I would recommend this app to anyone who would like to workout at home or may not have the ability or time to workout at a facility. I also would recommend this app to someone who doesn’t know what exercises to do. this app will give anyone that wants a better body or wants to lose weight. This app will also help anyone gain muscle and tone the body. to someone who would want to learn how to workout at home, this app would be perfect for anyone. it would be a great way to workout


10 top NBA players of all-time

1) Bill Russell- Boston Celtics

2)Michael Jordan-Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards

3)Lebron James-Cleveland Cavaliers

4)Magic Johnson-Los Angeles Lakers

5)Wilt Chamberlin- Los Angles Lakers

6)Tim Duncan-San Antonio Spurs

7)Shaquille O’Neal-Los Angeles Lakers

8)Dwayne Wade-Miami Heat

9)Larry Bird-Boston Celtics

10)Allen Iverson-Philadelphia 76ers





Social Media

Social media is something that gets me through my day and keeps a smile on my face. I am going to outline the types of social media that I use on a daily basic.



YouTube is the most common social media that I use. I use YouTube to search funny and musical videos to watch every day. I also use YouTube to look up tutorials about certain things that I like to do for fun. Watching funning videos on YouTube makes my day very fun and entertaining because of the different videos that I watch. I can find anything and everything on YouTube if I just search for it.

unnamedInstagram: Instagram is the social media that I use for my photographing. I make sure that I always look good or have a handsome moment before I take post a picture. I also like to look at what friends and family members like to post while I’m away at school. I always use my phone to upload photos and when I do, I make sure that I look top notch. Always remember when posting make sure that it looks the best.

Snap chat: Snap chat is my goofy and silly social media. I always make funny snap chats of me and  friends on campus. From the emojis to the filters, I can be as silly as I want and send them to friends. My friends always send me silly and goofy snap chats of them being around each other and of each other being unaware of the camera and each other. untitled

 I use snap chat the most because I like to see my friends and family’s funniest moments at the moment. I like to also see the most funny snap chats that my friends and family members send me just so I can get a huge laugh at what they send me.



Purple Rain Purple Rain

Purple Rain 5 Lyrics From the Purple One that Are Obviously About Marketing Life can bring many surprises and extreme turns everyday. The iconic singer Prince Purple Rain is known as a iconic album to the world. This album has made many people feel very happy and lift their spirits up. Nathans “PRCOG” Burgees, uses lyrics from the legendary album purple rain to blog and elaborate Purple Rain 5 Lyrics From the Purple One that Are Obviously About Marketing. He uses his intelligent and musical skills to voice his opinion.

The post at first, was very humorous and I found it to be very interesting. He took the most common lyrics from five songs on the album Purple Rain and turn explained them through pictures. He also expresses his feelings for the album. With the semi-humorous sub-text, he expresses that he doesn’t know all the words but he loves every song (being realistic nobody knows every word to every song on an album, even though some may love an artist like myself) but he had enjoyed the album. As my mom listen to his albums all time and is a huge fan, who wouldn’t listen to some of his music.


my favorite sub-text is said to be “every Monday Morning” and its from the song Lets Go Crazy. “We are gathered here today to get through this thing called Life.” As I took these lyrics in, I though of the everyday struggle and the days where I don’t want to do anything. Nathans description on the songs were very humorous and made me laugh a lot.


His overall blog was very interesting and made me laugh. Even though some of it didn’t make sense to me, I still think that he made this blog for entertainment. this blog is inspiring not just for Prince fans but it is inspiring to human beings every day life.


Purge? The Spectacle of Crime

The Spectacle of crime: on detectives, mysteries, and on dead girls is a very interesting blog that that talks about the story of the author reading her favorite mystery books growing up. She goes into details about the stories she read growing up and the books she saw her mother and grandparents have in their homes. In high school and college, she changed to television shows and started watching different shows that her family enjoyed to watch. Also, she talks about the books that she thinks a lot of people would enjoy to read since she works at a bookstore.

The things I like are that she goes into details about the different books that were her favorite and the background of the books. Also, I like that she makes a list about the books and tells who the author is and when it was published. In addition, she talks about what the book is about and a brief summary of the author. I like that she gives an example and quotes from the story on some of the books.

I don’t like how she only gives a brief summary about what the book is about. She also doesn’t talk about what happens in the book nor why it is her favorite book. Also, it doesn’t give good details of what the book is about or what the theme of what the story is. She only gives a sentence or two about why she chose this mystery story.

I would use this type of blog in my blog and the format that is used from this blog. I would go into details about why the books are my favorite and what the theme and moral of the story is. I also would give examples and quotes of characters in the