Purge? The Spectacle of Crime

The Spectacle of crime: on detectives, mysteries, and on dead girls is a very interesting blog that that talks about the story of the author reading her favorite mystery books growing up. She goes into details about the stories she read growing up and the books she saw her mother and grandparents have in their homes. In high school and college, she changed to television shows and started watching different shows that her family enjoyed to watch. Also, she talks about the books that she thinks a lot of people would enjoy to read since she works at a bookstore.

The things I like are that she goes into details about the different books that were her favorite and the background of the books. Also, I like that she makes a list about the books and tells who the author is and when it was published. In addition, she talks about what the book is about and a brief summary of the author. I like that she gives an example and quotes from the story on some of the books.

I don’t like how she only gives a brief summary about what the book is about. She also doesn’t talk about what happens in the book nor why it is her favorite book. Also, it doesn’t give good details of what the book is about or what the theme of what the story is. She only gives a sentence or two about why she chose this mystery story.

I would use this type of blog in my blog and the format that is used from this blog. I would go into details about why the books are my favorite and what the theme and moral of the story is. I also would give examples and quotes of characters in the story.download