Purple Rain Purple Rain

Purple Rain 5 Lyrics From the Purple One that Are Obviously About Marketing Life can bring many surprises and extreme turns everyday. The iconic singer Prince Purple Rain is known as a iconic album to the world. This album has made many people feel very happy and lift their spirits up. Nathans “PRCOG” Burgees, uses lyrics from the legendary album purple rain to blog and elaborate Purple Rain 5 Lyrics From the Purple One that Are Obviously About Marketing. He uses his intelligent and musical skills to voice his opinion.

The post at first, was very humorous and I found it to be very interesting. He took the most common lyrics from five songs on the album Purple Rain and turn explained them through pictures. He also expresses his feelings for the album. With the semi-humorous sub-text, he expresses that he doesn’t know all the words but he loves every song (being realistic nobody knows every word to every song on an album, even though some may love an artist like myself) but he had enjoyed the album. As my mom listen to his albums all time and is a huge fan, who wouldn’t listen to some of his music.


my favorite sub-text is said to be “every Monday Morning” and its from the song Lets Go Crazy. “We are gathered here today to get through this thing called Life.” As I took these lyrics in, I though of the everyday struggle and the days where I don’t want to do anything. Nathans description on the songs were very humorous and made me laugh a lot.


His overall blog was very interesting and made me laugh. Even though some of it didn’t make sense to me, I still think that he made this blog for entertainment. this blog is inspiring not just for Prince fans but it is inspiring to human beings every day life.