Social Media

Social media is something that gets me through my day and keeps a smile on my face. I am going to outline the types of social media that I use on a daily basic.



YouTube is the most common social media that I use. I use YouTube to search funny and musical videos to watch every day. I also use YouTube to look up tutorials about certain things that I like to do for fun. Watching funning videos on YouTube makes my day very fun and entertaining because of the different videos that I watch. I can find anything and everything on YouTube if I just search for it.

unnamedInstagram: Instagram is the social media that I use for my photographing. I make sure that I always look good or have a handsome moment before I take post a picture. I also like to look at what friends and family members like to post while I’m away at school. I always use my phone to upload photos and when I do, I make sure that I look top notch. Always remember when posting make sure that it looks the best.

Snap chat: Snap chat is my goofy and silly social media. I always make funny snap chats of me and  friends on campus. From the emojis to the filters, I can be as silly as I want and send them to friends. My friends always send me silly and goofy snap chats of them being around each other and of each other being unaware of the camera and each other. untitled

 I use snap chat the most because I like to see my friends and family’s funniest moments at the moment. I like to also see the most funny snap chats that my friends and family members send me just so I can get a huge laugh at what they send me.