I really like your topic and how you go into detail. I also like the video that you use and how you connect everything together. great comparison of big cities to Iowa and the different things in Iowa.


I really like how you went into debt about the apps that you use. the way that you gave a good background of each app you use. also, I think you should have gave each app their own little brief description of what you like about each app. overall, this blog kept me attentive and paying attention.


I really like how you show your ten things from ten down to one. in my opinion, you could’ve gave more insight on the ten things or why you like these things in debt.Overall, it was a good blog post.


I like how you put this blog post together and everything that went into this post. the pictures were interesting and the blog was very well put together. I like that you put a hyperlink in the blog and talk about what the article is about. great job overall and keep up the good work


I like how you put everything together and can tell that you really like twitter and know how to use it. your pictures are very unique and cool.  I also have similar favorite places.


I like how you picked something that is an world wide issue. I also like how you showed evidence of what the clowns said. the pictures and hyperlinks were very interesting and kept me entertained and into the blog post. Great Job